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Opened Craftguide

If you don't already know it, there is a very usefull mod out there. It lets you see all crafting, smelting and also brewing recipes that your minecraft client knows.

This is the Craftguide Mod from Uristqwerty. It doesn't presently work on SMP, but only because there's no way to get the CraftGuide item on a server. The functionality of the mod itself works entirely client-side so the only problem is that the server needs to know the CraftGuide item and the recipe to craft it. Adding these things on the server end is easy - thanks CustomStuff.

You need the item :

iconindex=10; // Just filler value. The client mod handles the icons you see.

and the recipe:

recipes.addRecipe("29617 1 3 3 339 340 339 340 58 340 339 340 339", "vanilla");

Remember, only the server needs this. If you make the same on the client, there will be an Item ID conflict with the craftguide mod itself.

The ID used in this sample is working with Craftguide 1.2.2 and 1.3.1 - It may change some day. If this happens, just check the modloader generated craftguide config (.minecraft/config/craftguide.cfg).

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