CS1 Custom Stuff 1

Information presented below this line is outdated syntax or information used for Custom Stuff 1. It will not work with Custom Stuff 2.

The Type attribute in Custom Stuff defines how the block, item or gui displays in game, as well as defining which other attributes are available for use. All blocks, most items and guis created with Custom Stuff are required to have this attribute properly defined in the respective .block or .item or .gui files in order for Minecraft to function.

The type line is a standard string attribute. For example:


The valid values for this string depend on whether you're creating a block, an item or a gui. Below are four columns showing the valid string values for each.



Ore generation

  • normal
  • flower


  • crafting3x3
  • crafting4x4
  • crafting5x5
  • crafting6x6
  • crafting7x7
  • furnace


To change the type of the block, item or gui, change the value within the quotation marks on the example line above to the attribute of your choice. See each type's individual entry for more information on which other attributes will work with that type, as well as detailed information on important attributes.

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