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Information presented below this line is outdated syntax or information used for Custom Stuff 1. It will not work with Custom Stuff 2.

Toolclass is an attribute introduced in Custom Stuff 2.3.0 for both items and blocks. Both use the same values for this attribute, but it affects them in different ways.

Used on a block, this attribute defines which tools can harvest the block, making it drop items after it breaks. This was previously linked to the block's material attribute.

For an item, defining its tool class signifies which sort of tool the item is, allowing it to properly harvest blocks introduced by Custom Stuff. It also defines which blocks can be harvested quickly, overlapping considerably with the efficiencyblocks attribute.

For both blocks and items, the attribute is set up the same way:


You can also add multiple toolclasses by separating them with a comma, like so:

toolclass="pickaxe, axe";

The valid values that can be plugged into this attribute are:

  • pickaxe
  • axe
  • shovel
  • hoe

IMPORTANT: If you want to make a block harvested exclusively by the tool or tools that make up the block's toolclass, you MUST set its material to either 'rock' or 'iron'. As most of the attributes associated with material have now been ported to other attributes, this shouldn't be a problem in most cases.

See Also:

  • efficiencyblocks - for adding blocks that can be broken quickly, but fall outside of the normal definition introduced by toolclass.
  • harvestblocks - to add blocks your tool can harvest, even if they won't be broken with increased speed.
  • harvestlevel - for information on the material strength of blocks and items


  • Adding "hoe" as a toolclass to a block doesn't interact properly with vanilla hoes, as none of them are able to harvest blocks given this attribute.
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