(... Some introduction needed ...)

Tile entity is similar to a container from Custom Stuff 1. It's useful for blocks which contain some data like chests or furnaces.

Tile entity is loaded in mod.js, eg.:

mod.addTileEntity("nether_furnace.js", "furnace");

First argument is tile entity script, located in tileEntities/ folder. Second is tile entity type, one of the:

  • chest – used to create lid open chests
  • chestBlock – used to create block like chests
  • furnace – used to create a furnace
  • normal – used to store data in a block; all other tile entities have also this ability

Chest Entity

You may define size of the chest (default is 9x6), eg.:

name = "exampleChest";
colLength = 13;
rowLength = 9;

Furnace Entity

You can define fuel, smelting recipes and smelting time, eg.: tileEntities/nether_furnace.js

name = "NetherFurnaceEntity";
usedFuelLists = "NetherFuel,vanilla";
usedRecipeLists = "vanilla";
ticksToSmelt = 400;

In example above nether furnace uses default (vanilla) smelting recipes and you can burn all vanilla fuel as well as special NetherFuel, all stuff added by mod.addFuelFor("NetherFuel", ...).

Value ticksToSmelt tells how long the furnace will be bake one item. Default is 200 (10s).