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    Comment: mod.addToOreDictionary( "CopperIngot", "Mod_A:CopperIngotID:0" ); it should be no problem to add items of other mods, as long as you know their...
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    Comment: Is it possible to add an item from a certain mod to the Ore Dictionary? For example, if "Mod A" Had a copper ingot in it that wasn't added to the ore...
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    Comment: How do I add this into my world?
  • discussion page Talk:Hardness
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    Comment: Digging around in the game files, I found that to set a block to have infinite hardness you can use the method setBlockUnbreakable(), but it also...
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    Comment: How do I do it with CustomStuff4 cause the github one isn't very specific and if I do start the game for a test it crashes saying something was wrong...
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