I was on the Art Request page before and I was thinking.... "We sure need something like this for scripting and GUI, it'll be helpful..." So I came up with the Brilliant Idea of this page. Basically, it has the same rules as the art request page, put a Talkbox with your name and request, and someone can take the offer and help you with it...

Example Format:

Example Text Box
Just put your requests in a talkbox like this and anyone can make it for you


Tree type 2

I know I probably post here too much ;P, but I was trying to make a different shape of tree, and couldnt figure out the coding. Is there a simpler way to make a tree like this? (The stone is for a different leaf type) I have CS2 2-0.10.6b-universal

- requested by Surrealistic Wolf

Ice Ring

I was trying to make a ring that when right clicked, replaces water under the player and water touching the sides (3x3) with ice. It does not have to be 3x3 if that is too hard, but everything I have tried does not work. My script so far is:

var py = player.getPositionY;
var px = player.getPositionX;
var pz = player.getPositionZ;
world.setBlockId(px, py, pz, 79);

I have CS2 2-0.10.6b-universal

- requested by Surrealistic Wolf


Side Checking Script

Um, I think that this script would be very useful to many people, so...

A script that checks if a certain block is touching another block and preforms an action if it returns true.

There are many uses for this, and I think they should make a function for it. Thanks!

- requested by Surrealistic Wolf

Ice dragon (Shrunken)
Flamarow The flames of tomorrow consume everything. — 18:50, December 13, 2013 (UTC)
Sorry it took so long to answer this request. I have been busy with classes and haven't checked here in awhile. I made a quick script that should do what you asked. I also made it as a function so no editing is required. Here are a few examples. Hope you find it useful.


function isTouchingBlock(idToFind, metaToFind) {
    if(metaToFind === undefined)    metaToFind = 0;
    if(idToFind == world.getBlockId(position.x, position.y-1, position.z))
        if(metaToFind == world.getMetaId(position.x, position.y-1, position.z))
            return true;
    if(idToFind == world.getBlockId(position.x, position.y+1, position.z))
        if(metaToFind == world.getMetaId(position.x, position.y+1, position.z))
            return true;
    if(idToFind == world.getBlockId(position.x, position.y, position.z-1))
        if(metaToFind == world.getMetaId(position.x, position.y, position.z-1))
            return true;
    if(idToFind == world.getBlockId(position.x, position.y, position.z+1))
        if(metaToFind == world.getMetaId(position.x, position.y, position.z+1))
            return true;
    if(idToFind == world.getBlockId(position.x-1, position.y, position.z))
        if(metaToFind == world.getMetaId(position.x-1, position.y, position.z))
            return true;
    if(idToFind == world.getBlockId(position.x+1, position.y, position.z))
        if(metaToFind == world.getMetaId(position.x+1, position.y, position.z))
            return true;
    // if none are true
    return false;


// simple examples:
// checks if touching yellow wool
onActivated[0] = "mod.loadScript('isTouchingBlock.js'); if(isTouchingBlock(35, 4)) { /*do fun stuff*/ }";

//checks if touching a diamond block
onPlacedByPlayer[0] = "mod.loadScript('isTouchingBlock.js'); if(isTouchingBlock(57)) {player.sendMessage('You haz diamonds?!?');}";


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