The saturation attribute is an attribute that is only useful for the 'food' item type. Saturation is like an invisible
Fried egg screenshot

Perfect for breakfast.

hunger bar and is used up before your hunger bar when performing actions. Any decimal more than 0 and including 0 itself is allowed as a value. By default, this value is set to 0.6 saturation. Just like the hunger bar, the invisible saturation bar has a limit of 20 and any points beyond this will be wasted. Like the hunger bar, you can fill this saturation bar with just one item or by eating several items in series.
name = "Fried Egg";
type = "food";
healamount = 3;
saturation = 1;
//The hidden saturation bar will be filled by
//one point to help keep hunger full longer.

Vanilla Saturation Values

To help you decide what saturation value would be best for your new food, a chart with the vanilla food items are listed below.

Food healamount saturation Additional Effects
Cookie 1 0.2

Melon Slice

2 1.2
Raw Chicken 2 1.2 30% chance of food poisoning
Raw Fish 2 1.2
Raw Beef 3 1.8
Raw Porkchop 3 1.8
Rotting Flesh 4 0.8 80% chance of food poisoning
Red Apple 4 2.4
Golden Apple 4 24 Health regeneration for 4 seconds
Bread 5 6
Cooked Fish 5 6
Cooked Chicken 6 7.2
Mushroom Stew 8 9.6 Does not stack
Steak 8 12.8
Cooked Porkchop 8 12.8
Cake 2* 0.4* *placed then can be eaten 6 times
Spider Eye 2 0.8 100% of being poisoned

'Information for chart taken from

Concept Help

Don't understand how saturation works? Here are a couple of links to help you understand what it means and what it does.

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