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The material is, simply stated, what the block is made of. Blocks can be made of any of eight different types of materials. Each material has its own attributes, and interacts with other blocks and the player's actions differently from the other types. A block's material affects many things including which tools can harvest it and mine it efficiently.

It's important to note that this attribute governs only game mechanics. It doesn't change the way the block looks or how it sounds when it's broken. Those elements are covered by other attributes. This makes material a somewhat counter-intuitive attribute. To mention an example from the vanilla Minecraft game, TNT has the material "glass". While seemingly inappropriate, this was done to prevent torches and pressure plates from being placed on it.

To set the material of a block, add the following line to the .block file.


The valid strings for the attribute are: 'grass', 'ground', 'wood', 'rock', 'iron', 'cloth', 'sand', 'glass', 'water' and 'lava'.

Material Attributes

As stated, each material has unique attributes. Below is a listing of each type of material.



  • Unarmed Break Time = ~Hardness * 1.6
  • Torches cannot be placed on the block.
  • Pressure Plates and cart tracks cannot be placed on the block.
  • Does not transmit Redstone signal.




  • Unarmed Break Time = Hardness * 5
  • Cannot be harvested by hand.


  • Unarmed Break Time = ~Hardness * 5
  • Cannot be harvested by hand.



Liquid Material Attributes

The last two types of material can only be set if the block type is set to liquid. Likewise, the other materials listed above won't work for liquids.


  • Liquid flows seven blocks from the source.


  • Liquid flows three blocks from the source in the normal world.
  • Liquid flows seven blocks from the source in the Nether.
  • Entities are set on fire when touching the liquid.
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