CS1 Custom Stuff 1

Information presented below this line is outdated syntax or information used for Custom Stuff 1. It will not work with Custom Stuff 2.

Living functions can change mob or player properties. When on items, these functions can only be called by the hitmob (onHitEntity for CS2) event trigger.


Function Description Arguments
attack Deals x half hearts of damage x
Move Moves mob Position pos
setPosition Sets mob position Position pos
shear Makes sheep drop 3 wool none
dropItem Drops item from mob int id, int count, int damage
setHealth Sets mob's health to x int health
addVelo Pokes mob from behind with x velocity double x, double y, double z
getPositionX Gets mob X position none
getPositionY Gets mob Y position none
getPositionZ Gets mob Z position none
getHealth Gets mob health none
getLookingSide "dont look at me like that!" none
getType Gets the name of target mob none

List of Mob Names

The list below is a list of mob names found using living.getType. These names are likely the names used for the world.spawnMob function.

Hostile Mobs Passive Mobs
Creeper Pig
Skeleton Sheep
Spider Cow
Giant* Chicken
Zombie Squid
Ghast Wolf
PigZombie MushroomCow
Enderman SnowMan
CaveSpider Ozelot**
Silverfish VillagerGolem
Blaze NPCs
LavaSlime Villager

*Giants do not spawn under normal conditions. Plugins or mods such as single player commands are required to spawn giants.'

**Could not find an ocelot to test living.getType(), name "Ozelot" found in NEI from a mob spawner.

Ender Dragon and Ender Crystal do not show up using living.getType() so these two entities might not be available for living functions. It is also unknown if players can be targeted as a "mob"