This Block is a Chest for only one Block or Item, but incredible much of it. It should contain up to 2^31-1 of its Containing Block/ID.

It hast 2 Slots, the first will always (onUpdate) be Empty, so you can input stuff and the Second will always be filled (up to a full stack), so you can take it out.

2013-05-17 12.12.13.png

Technical Stuff

And Again, for those are interested in Scripting, there is some Magic again:


function icUpdate(a)
 var b=1;
 var cid=world.getTileEntityIntData(position,'contid')+0;
 var cmeta=world.getTileEntityIntData(position,'contmeta')+0;
 var ccnt=world.getTileEntityIntData(position,'contcount')+0;
 var cid0=world.getContainerSlotId(position, 0);
 var cmeta0=world.getContainerSlotMetadata(position, 0);
 var ccnt0=world.getContainerSlotStackSize(position, 0);
 var cid1=world.getContainerSlotId(position, 1);
 var cmeta1=world.getContainerSlotMetadata(position, 1);
 var ccnt1=world.getContainerSlotStackSize(position, 1);
 if(cid<1 || ccnt<1) { cid=cmeta=ccnt=0; }
 if(cid0<0) cid0=0;
 if(cid1<0) cid1=0;
 if(cmeta<0) cmeta=0;
 if(cmeta0<0) cmeta0=0;
 if(cmeta1<0) cmeta1=0;
 if(ccnt<0) ccnt=0;
 if(ccnt0<0) ccnt0=0;
 if(ccnt1<0) ccnt1=0;
 if(cid==0) {cmeta=ccnt=0;}
 if(cid==0 || cid0==0 || (cid0==cid && cmeta0==cmeta)) if(cid==0 || cid1==0 || (cid1==cid && cmeta1==cmeta))
   if(a) player.sendMessage("Contains: "+ccnt+" of "+cid+":"+cmeta);
   if(!cid) cid=(cid0>0)?cid0:cid1;
   if(!cid) cmeta=(cid0>0)?cmeta0:cmeta1;
   if(ccnt0>0) world.removeFromContainerSlot(position,0,ccnt0);
   world.setContainerSlot(position, 1, cid, ((ccnt>64)?64:ccnt), cmeta)
  } else if(a) player.sendMessage("Empty");
function icActivated()
 player.openGui('InfiniteChestGUI', position); result = true;


It's under the Beerware License.

You can download the Infinite Chest here.

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