This Article is up to date with Custom Stuff 2 CS2

The two attributes that govern where in the stratum ores can generate are minHeight and maxHeight. As one would expect, given their names, the minHeight attribute governs the minimum (lowest) height at which an ore can generate and maxHeight governs the maximum (highest) height.

In CS2, these attributes are part of your block generation's .js file, which should be located in the /worldGeneration/ folder of your project. The attributes themselves are set up like so:

maxHeight = 252;
minHeight = 5;

To find a particular block height, go that that height in game, press F3, and look at your Y coordinate. So, for example, if you want an ore to generate at around sea level, you would set your min to roughly 50 and max to about 70 since sea level is at Y=63.

To create a bell curve for generation, it is possible to set up multiple ore generation files that generate the same block, but that overlap with one another. For example if you create one oregen file with height ranging from 10 to 30, and another with a height ranging from 20 to 40, the ore will generate in a full range of 10 to 40, but will be twice as prevalent in the 20 - 30 range.

These attributes work regardless of which dimension the ore is generated in.

Unlike in previous versions, these values appear to be strict and no ore will generate above the max level, nor below the min level, regardless of the size of the generation.

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The attributes are called like so:


These attributes are used to tell Minecraft where in the stratum you wish to generate your custom ores. Keep in mind that sea level is at level 62, so anything above that level can potentially be visible to the player without digging or exploring caves (like iron and coal).

Generation Quirk

It's interesting to note that heightmin and heightmax are not strict values. Because of the way in which ore is generated in Minecraft these two values do not really govern the minimum and maximum height in which blocks are generated by Custom Stuff, but in actuality the minimum and maximum height that the vector along which ores are generated can start or end.

Without going into a lengthy explanation, this effectively means that when generating very large quantities of ore, there may be a few blocks that fall outside of the assigned minimum and maximum. Most ores are generated in smaller quantities, usually six to twelve in the size filed, so this quirk of the programming shouldn't come up much or be of any real interest if it does.