Fried egg screenshot

Have some Fried Eggs to go with your bacon.

The healamount attribute only effects the 'food' item type. The value for healamount is the amount of hunger restored on the 'hunger bar'. Any decimal values above 0 are allowed for the healamount. The amount of hunger restored for a healamount value of 1 is equal to half a drumstick on the hunger bar. By default, this value is set to 1 hunger point or half a drumstick restored when eaten.
name = "Fried Egg";
type = "food";
healamount = 3;
saturation = 1;
//Item when eaten will refill the hunger bar
//by 3 hunger points or 1 and a half
//'drumsticks' on the hunger bar.

Although any values greater than 0 can be used for healamount, any values above 20 will normally be wasted. This is because 20 food points completely fills the player's hunger bar and any leftover points are ignored. Also, if you want to keep your hunger filled for longer, you will need to set a value for saturation.

Vanilla Healamount Values

To help you decide what healamount value would be best for your new food, a chart with the vanilla food item amounts will be listed below.

Food healamount saturation Additional Effects
Cookie 1 0.2

Melon Slice

2 1.2
Raw Chicken 2 1.2 30% chance of food poisoning
Raw Fish 2 1.2
Raw Beef 3 1.8
Raw Porkchop 3 1.8
Rotting Flesh 4 0.8 80% chance of food poisoning
Red Apple 4 2.4
Golden Apple 4 24 Health regeneration for 4 seconds
Bread 5 6
Cooked Fish 5 6
Cooked Chicken 6 7.2
Mushroom Stew 8 9.6 Does not stack
Steak 8 12.8
Cooked Porkchop 8 12.8
Cake 2* 0.4* *placed then can be eaten 6 times
Spider Eye 2 0.8 100% of being poisoned

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