The ExtrabiomesXL Red Rock Addon has not updated past Minecraft version 1.4.7, and contained many bugs such as furnaces only facing south, and not changing texture when smelting.


I've completely re-written it, improving every aspect:

  • Everything is configurable
  • Furnaces can face all directions, change texture when active and spawn particles
  • There are many more new blocks added

Things Added

Redrock+ adds mossy forms of red rock, red rock brick and red cobblestone, buttons for normal and mossy red rock, pressure plates for normal and mossy red rock, walls, fences, mossy slabs and fence gates. As well as a redrock furnace.

2014-10-28 01.12.30

Config File

The addon is completely configurable, with every added block able to be disabled easily from the config file. It can be found in /config/Redrock_CustomStuff.


Latest Version - Designed for EBXL 3.16.0 and CS2 0.11.10

Nothing needs to be configured, as long as ExtrabiomesXL and Custom Stuff is installed, it should work fine.


Version 1.0 EBXL 3.16.0 and CS2 0.11.10:


Report any bugs you find!

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