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This attribute defines how enchantable the item is. For example gold armor is more enchantable than diamond armor.

The higher an item's enchantability is the more likely it will be to gain high-level enchantments or multiple enchantments upon being enchanted. This does not affect how the item gains enchantments from Magic Books, however.

By default, an item has an enchantabiliy of zero, which is basically unenchantable. To change this value, add the following line to your item's .js file:

enchantability = 10;

This value can be changed to any integer number.

Values in Minecraft

Here are a couple of tables full of values within vanilla Minecraft:


Tool Material Wood Stone Iron Diamond Gold
Enchantability 15 5 14 10 22


Armor Material Leather Iron Chain Diamond Gold
Enchantability 15 9 12 10 25
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