This Article is up to date with Custom Stuff 2 CS2

This attribute defines the item's container item. The container item remains after the item is used for crafting. For example, the container item of a water bucket is an empty bucket. The leaveContainerItem attribute when used along with containerItem will determine where the container item is put afterwords.

Example uses:

// The container item is a stack of two wooden planks
containerItem = "5 2";

// The container item is a stone blocks
containerItem = "1";

// The container item is 3 signs
containerItem = "323:0 3";

// The container is 4 of a custom block
containerItem = config.getBlockId("myCustomBlockID") + ":0 4";

You can also set an item's containerItem to its own ID. This will result in an item that is not consumed in crafting.

Example Item:

name = "philstone";

id = config.getItemId("ItemPhilStone");
displayName = "Philosopher's Stone";
addToCreative = true;
textureFile = "pstone.png";
// This is the important part.
containerItem = id;

// The following line means that the item stays on the crafting grid.
leaveContainerItem = true;