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Information presented below this line is outdated syntax or information used for Custom Stuff 1. It will not work with Custom Stuff 2.

Containers are a new mechanism introduced in Custom Stuff 2.3.0. Containers allow for some basic mechanisms (presently only furnaces) to be created with Custom Stuff. Like recipes, containers are their own file type and have their own folder in /.minecraft/config/. The file extension for containers is ".container", and their folder is called /customContainers/.

To be used by a block, the block must reference the container's name with the container attribute. If you're using a furnace-type container, the block must also call the appropriate GUI with a function trigger. When using a normal-type container, you can use blocks with that container to store or recall data with various world functions.

Container Attributes

There are presently only four attributes associated with this file type.

Global Container Attributes

The first two attributes must be set in all .container files. They are:

The name attribute defines the container's name. This is the value referenced by the container attribute of blocks.

The type attribute defines the container's type. Presently, only 'furnace' and 'normal' types are available, though more may be added in the future.

Furnace Container Attributes

These two attributes are used only if the Type attribute is set to furnace.

The speed at which the furnace processes items. The default furnace has a speed of 200 measured in ticks (about 20 ticks are in a second). Decreasing this number decreases the time it takes to smelt an item. Compare to the Fuel Efficiency of items in the vanilla game.

Which recipes are processed by the furnace. By default, the value is vanilla, which denotes any smelting recipe already present in the game, plus any smelting recipe added with Custom Stuff that has "vanilla" as its 'furnace used' parameter. You can set your own by changing these attributes. You can also have multiple values, separated with a comma.

Example Furnace Container

Here's an example of a 'furnace' that's been created as a freezer using custom smelting recipes.


As you can see, this 'furnace' will only process smelting recipes designated to be used by a freezer, so normal items that require heat won't be processed by this device.

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