A collection of mostly small mods I made. All for 1.4.7 until Redpower updates or I get bored waiting.

1.4.7 Hardened Clay

Minecraft 1.6 brought us many nice things, such as hardened clay. Mods such as Redpower, Xeno's Relequary etc. however, aren't updated. This is a pretty small mod which adds in hardened clay and its coloured stained versions too.

The dying of the clay is based on the ore dictionary, so coloured drops from extra bees and sulpur goo from XYcraft also work to dye the clay, along with the vinalla ones of course.

Link to version

Link to version with grey spelt with an A (gray) like normal Minecraft

Link to Sphax textures for it

Redrock Extra Biomes XL Improvement

There are a number of flaws in the current version of the redrock addon. Flaws such as furnace only facing one dirction and not changing textures when they are being used. As well as that, I added in some other things, like fences, fence gates, walls, and mossy versions. As well as buttons and pressure plates.
2013-04-30 19.50.45

Download coming soon :)

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