In CS2, the armormaterial attribute was replaced with enchantability and damageReduction. This means you can now edit these amounts separately, rather than being stuck with vanilla amounts. Refer to the charts in CS1 if you want to compare your amounts for balanced armor. For examples of these being used, please refer to the Armor Types page for an example armor set that uses these attributes.

CS1 Custom Stuff 1

Information presented below this line is outdated syntax or information used for Custom Stuff 1. It will not work with Custom Stuff 2.

The armormaterial attribute sets which armor type your item will use. The armormaterial attribute affects how well enchanting works on armor as well as how much damage is reduced on the player. The values you can use are cloth, iron, chainmail, gold, and diamond. The armormaterial attribute can be used like below.



How much a custom armor protects the player is based on vanilla minecraft armor values. When setting the type and the armormaterial attributes, the armor will inherit its armor values from the vanilla versions with the same properties. The amount of armor provided by The chart below contains the armor values from vanilla minecraft for each armor type and material type.

Half an icon on the armor bar is 1 armor point in this chart.
armormaterial Full set Helmet Chestplate Leggings Boots
Leather 7 1 3 2 1
Gold 11 2 5 3 1
Chainmail 12 2 5 4 1
Iron 15 2 6 5 2
Diamond 20 3 8 6 3


armormaterial enchant
Leather 15
Gold 25
Chainmail 12
Iron 9
Diamond 10

As stated before, the armormaterial attribute affects how well enchanting works on armor. This uses values already added to minecraft vanilla armors for enchanting.

The chart shown on the right contains the bonus amounts towards enchanting items for each of the armor material type. These values can be looked at as a level boost toward getting enchants.

From the chart, you can tell the gold armormaterial type is the best if you just a good enchanting bonus, but the armor itself will provide less armor protection as a result.

For more information about enchanting, please refer to the minecraft wiki.

Vanilla Armor Levels:

The list below shows which armor has how much protection:

*This table is partially redundant now but testing is needed to see if custom armor is independent of maxuses attribute before removing this section. Flamarow 22:32, February 27, 2012 (UTC)