This Article is up to date with Custom Stuff 2 CS2
While adding new blocks and items with Custom Stuff, you may run into a situation where there is no existing tab in Creative Mode that adiquitely describes your new creation. You may also wish to put your custom-made blocks and items in a different tab to keep them from filling up an existing tab unnecessarily. With Custom Stuff, it is possible to add a new tab to the Creative Mode menu.

Making a Custom creative tab is very easy and need just one line on your mod.js:

mod.addCreativeTab("Name", ID, Meta);

The 3 Parameters are Name, Block or Item-ID, and Metadata. Name is what a creative tab will be called when you hover over it with your mouse. The ID is the block or item ID that provides the icon for the tab. This is coupled with the Metadata.

Here is an example of how to add your own custom creative tab in the mod.js:


mod.addCreativeTab("My Creative Tab", config.getBlockId("randomBlockID"), 0);

When adding a block or item to your new creative tab, use the Name as your value in the creativeTab attribute. Here are some examples using "My Creative Tab" from above for the creative tab.

Block syntax:

addToCreative[0] = true;
creativeTab = "My Creative Tab";

Item syntax:

addToCreative = true;
creativeTab = "My Creative Tab";